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TasteOfYou ebook cover.jpg

One taste and I was hers. . .

Jet Avery isn't looking for love when Camille stumbles into his bar looking for work. She's young, inexperienced, and is the physical embodiment of innocent sin. He should turn her away--demand that she run--but one look into her bright blue eyes, and he's powerless.
Hiring her on the spot is his first mistake, but how long can he fight the pull? That powerful need to take her purity?
Because there's no doubt about it; she will be his ultimate sin.


She’s exquisite. The definition of femininity.

A little doll—she couldn’t be more than five feet tall with curves that made my mouth water...

Meeting Mila changes everything and I find myself making promises that I shouldn’t. My contract is airtight—the commitment to a charity close to my heart must come first, leaving her little to no choice. However, life is full of broken promises, moments in time that no one can predict—and I’ll fight like hell to come back. To hold her once more.

She is mine, and I am hers.

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