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This book contains dark elements that some readers might find triggering. These men are brutal and unapologetic, please read at your own discretion.














    SIN - Elena Reyes - E-Cover.jpg
    Covet - Elena Reyes - E-Cover.jpg

    I am both heaven and hell.
    Sin and pleasure.
    The Devil she never sees coming…

    Everyone knows that Malcolm Asher owns Chicago. Nothing—not a single move is made in my city without my authorization. I’m ruthless. Conniving. Worshipped by those around me, and yet, it means nothing the moment my eyes meet hers…

    Clear blue and innocent, the delicate doll on this stage holds me captive against my will. She’s decadence personified—a corruptible angel I want to own.

    I’m hard for her. Starving for a taste. Eager for her to feel me.

    This little girl has no idea of the danger she’s in within my presence. How I will make her crave the darkness I control.

    How I will make her…Mine.

    I’m a sinner. A criminal.
    The beast that will never let her go...

    Everyone in England knows the name Casper Jameson. They know that I’m a cruel bastard with no regrets when it comes to dealing with those that cross me. They fear me; a man with no morals. Someone cold—without a weakness.

    Until I see her...

    She’s beautiful; a delicious temptation standing across the room from me without a care. Unaware of the danger that lurks—that this man wants to consume her.

    I’m going to own her every sigh.
    Taste her every moan.
    Drown in her pleasure.

    Let the bloody chase begin.

    In Miami, I’m royalty. The beginning and the end.
    I’m the truth my queen will never escape.

    Thiago Rivera De Leon doesn’t believe in second chances, and I never show mercy to those stupid enough to cross me. Loyalty wins you favors but trying to overthrow the city’s king will find you with one of my bullets between the eyes.

    A simple promise I always keep while abiding by two rules:

    I don’t forgive. I don’t forget.

    And after spending the last five years behind bars, I’m out with two goals in mind...

    Kill the bastards responsible.

    Reclaim my Luna.

    I’m a man with an immoral compass. A convicted killer in one country and the right-hand to the devil in another.

    Javier Lucas offers death without mercy—something my enemies don’t live long enough to tell, but the carnage left behind paints a brutal story. I have no soul. No regrets. This is who I am, and I embrace the darkness that flows through my veins while blood stains my skin.

    And I’ve never wanted more until...

    Our eyes met and my world took a pause. One flirty exchange and I vowed to tame her wildness.

    Fate is a word I now believed in.

    Because it led me to her. To my beautiful little criminal.

    I’m the new KING of London, but it’s her body I crave to CONQUER.
    Her enemies have become my own. Her body is my favorite toy.

    We were never supposed to meet, but then there she was across the bar sitting beside my cousin’s newest obsession. A small little beauty with a grin on her sweet lips and a low-cut top meant to tease—to destroy a man’s self-control. She didn’t see me, but I took in every sensual inch while placing a target on her head.

    Our paths will cross, and she’ll fight, but I’m a man of my convictions. My vow is unbreakable.

    I’ll be back for you, my Venus.

    The De Leons are a criminal dynasty.
    No one makes a single move in South Florida without our knowledge, and yet, it's not enough.

    Not as a man. Not as a boss.

    Not when I’ve vowed to lay an entire country at my little mermaid's feet.

    Every man has a path to walk and Ivan De Leon's is set in stone. The price to pay for my decisions has been steep, but the gains are mine to claim, and I will. I’ve killed to be where I am—walked away from the most important person in my life—and now one phone call changes everything.

    Success comes with casualties. Hunger and desperation.

    I’ve bled to be worthy of her.

    I broke her heart, but I’ll also put it back together again.

    My little sirenita. My Amberlyn.

    Corrupt Elena M. Reyes E-Cover.jpg

    Corruption is the key to success and I'm the collector of all debts.

    The first time I laid eyes on my little doll, she was dressed up—a beautiful temptation wrapped in perfection that I wanted to own. Possess. To take away from the pseudo perfect life that reeks with the narcissistic chains—the demands holding her down.

    She's a pawn.

    The daughter of my enemy.

    Solimar Quintero is the future Mrs. Alejandro Lucas and doesn't even know it. She isn't aware that the man she smiles at—taunts to come closer—is a criminal. A wanted man. A nightmare for his enemies and her future.

    I always get what I want.

    I’ve been watching. Patient.

    Building an empire worthy of her while moving every piece—our enemies—into position. And while she lived in peace, I killed to protect her. I’ve picked off every single threat, one by one, but the last laugh will be hers.

    It’s what the KINGS owe her.

    An apology.

    Because it all ends today.

    No more running. No more hiding.

    I will never spend another night without Willow in my arms.


    My bunny will never leave me again.

    The only thing that can crumble a KING is disappointing his QUEEN.
    So what do my Beautiful Sinners do on Valentine’s Day for their women?
    They spoil and bite and lick...

    Worship: Malcolm and London
    Say My Name: Casper and Aurora
    One More: Thiago and Luna
    You’ve Been Bad: Javier and Mariah
    Pretty Doll: Alejandro and Solimar

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