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I'm the new KING of London, but it's her body I crave to CONQUER. Her enemies have become my own. Her body is my favorite toy. We were never supposed to meet, but then there she was across the bar sitting beside my cousin's newest obsession. A small little beauty with a grin on her sweet lips and a low-cut top meant to tease--to destroy a man's self-control. She didn't see me, but I took in every sensual inch while placing a target on her head. Our paths will cross, and she'll fight, but I'm a man of my convictions. My vow is unbreakable. I'll be back for you, my Venus. Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Goodreads:

If you haven’t read the other books they are ALL in Kindle Unlimited so now is the perfect time to catch up!

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