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Little Mate is now LIVE!!!!

Little Mate by Elena M. Reyes is now live!

There's no one above a KING... And yet, I'm restless. I'm an uncontrollable beast that throbs in time with the heartbeat lulling me closer while a sweet, feminine scent overtakes my senses. I've never felt this before—a hunger so frenzied that I'm lost to its call. This siren's song is solely meant for me, and I give in without pause or question. Because I know and accept. A single drop of blood running through her veins is worth more than every soul walking this earth. She is now what tethers me to this world. And the second I see her face, I'm done for. Nothing fucking matters. I AM DARKNESS. I AM SIN. I AM YOURS. I'll live and breathe for my Queen. My pretty girl.

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Little Mate is the prequel to Little Lies!

Read Little Lies today!

Meet Elena M. Reyes

Elena M. Reyes is the epitome of a Floridian and if she could live in her beloved flip-flops, she would. As a small child, she was always intrigued by all forms of art: whether it was dancing to island rhythms, or painting with any medium she could get her hands on. Her passion for reading over the years has amassed her with hours of pleasure, but it wasn't until she stumbled upon fanfiction that her thirst to write overtook her world. She's a short and sassy Latina with an adorable pup, a kiddo that keeps her on her toes, and a husband who claims she'll cause him to go bald prematurely. Lol Want to keep up to date with Elena's crazy book life?

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